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Talk Schedule 2024

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The Vue-niverse meetupUtrecht, NetherlandsThe Progressive Path
Vue AmsterdamAmsterdamThe Progressive Path
DevworldAmsterdamPanel Discussions
React ParisParisThe Set Theory
Vue.js ParisParisPanel Discussions
Frontend NationOnline; FreeThe Progressive Path
CityJS AthensAthensESLint One for All Made Easy
JS NationAmsterdamESLint One for All Made Easy
React SummitAmsterdamThe Set Theory
VueConf ShenzhenShenzhen, ChinaYak Shaving
Vue Fes JapanTokyoYak Shaving
React Day BerlinBerlinTBD

Latest Talks

Anthony's Road to Open Source - Part 3
Yak Shaving

The art of yak shaving and how it can help you to build better open source projects.
Vue Fes Japan
Oct 19 · Tokyo, Japan
VueConf Shenzhen
Jul 6 · Shenzhen, China

Anthony's Road to Open Source - Part 1
The Set Theory

Lessons I learned on my journey to working full time on open source. With tips and thinking for making open source projects more successful.
React Summit
Jun 14 · Amsterdam, Netherlands
React Paris
Mar 22 · Paris, France
Vue Fes Japan
Oct 28, 2023 · Tokyo, Japan
Oct 5, 2023 · Online

ESLint One for All Made Easy

Introduction to ESLint's new flat config format and see how it can bring new possibilities and enhancements to your development workflow and experience.
JS Nation
Jun 13 · Amsterdam, Netherlands
CityJS Athens
Jun 8 · Athens, Greece

Anthony's Road to Open Source - Part 2
The Progressive Path

How progressive approaches can help you to build better open source projects. And why it is crucial for the community to embrace them.
Frontend Nation
Jun 1 · Online
Vue Amsterdam
Feb 29 · Amsterdam, Netherlands

Now, and the Future of Nuxt Devtools

State of the Nuxt Devtools and what's coming next.
Nuxt Nation
Oct 18, 2023 · Online

Developer Experience with Nuxt

The first introduction to Nuxt Devtools and how it can improve our developer experience for Nuxt
May 25, 2023 · Strasbourg, France
Vue Amsterdam
Feb 9, 2023 · Amsterdam, Netherlands

How I Mangage GitHub Notifications

My workflow for managing GitHub notifications effectively.

VueUse 最佳实践 中文

我们在维护 VueUse 中学到的 Vue 最佳实践与技巧
VueConf China中文
Dec 10, 2022 · Online

Patterns of VueUse

The patterns and best practices we learned from maintaining VueUse
Vue Fes Japan
Oct 16, 2022 · Online

Vite, the on-demand DX

How the on-demand mindset Vite brings can improve our developer experience and creativity
Oct 11, 2022 · Online

Introduction to Vitest

Introduction to Vitest, a new testing framework made with Vite for everyone
Vue.js Nation
Jan 26, 2022 · Online

New Ways to Vue

How the new composition API and script setup improves our Vue development experience dramatically
Vue.js Live
Oct 20, 2021 · Online
{ Laravel x Vue } Conf Taiwan中文
Oct 17, 2021 · Online

Composable Vue

Tips and patterns for writing Vue composable
VueConf China中文
May 22, 2021 · Online
Apr 28, 2021 · Online

Develop with Vite

How Vite can improve our development experience
Vue Beijing
Mar 28, 2021 · Online

import { reactive } from 'vue' 中文

Introduction to Vue 3's new Composition API
Sep 26, 2020 · Online

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