Anthony Fu

Hey, I am Anthony Fu, a fanatical full-time open sourceror.

Creator of Slidev, VueUse, i18n Ally, Type Challenges, and others.

Being part of Vue.js & Vite.js core teams, I am maintaining Vite with the team. I made several Vite plugins and an opinionated starter template Vitesse, which is also what this site built upon. You may also know me as a member of wenyan-lang 文言, a programming language for ancient Chinese. I helped building the VS Code Extension and its Online IDE.

Dreaming up ideas and making them come true is where my passion lies. Check out my full projects list here. I also started a 100 day challenge about design, compform, interactivity, and experimenting new things on 100.antfu.me.

Outside of programming, I enjoy doing photography and traveling. Some of my photos can be found on Instagram. If you happened to be in the same city I live (currently in Taipei), maybe we can hang out and take some photos (or code of course) together.

Find me on GitHub, Twitter or Zhihu, mail me at hi@antfu.me.

If you like my works, consider sponsoring me on GitHub Sponsor to keep them sustainable.

CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 2021 © Anthony Fu