Anthony Fu

👋🏼 Hey, I am Anthony Fu

- a master of computer science student and a freelance software engineer. My passion lies with dreaming up ideas and making them come true. I take great care in the experience, architecture, and code quality of the things I build.

Being part of the Vue.js team, I am maintaining @vue/composition-api. It's the official plugin providing the Composition API to Vue 2.

You may also know me as a member of wenyan-lang, a programming language for the ancient Chinese. I help to build its ecosystem including the VS Code Extension and Online IDE.

Check out my projects as well and hope you found them useful :)

Outside of programming, I enjoy doing photography and traveling. I post my photos occasionally on Instagram and this website.

You can find me on Github and Twitter. Mail me at hi@antfu.me.

If you like my works, consider buy me a coffee on Github Sponsor, Ko-Fi or PayPal to support me keeping them sustainable. Thank you!