Anthony Fu

👋🏼 Hey, I am Anthony Fu

A master student of computer science in Taiwan while being a fanatical open sourceror.

Being part of Vue.js core team, I am maintaining @vue/composition-api, a plugin provides Composition API to Vue 2.

You may also know me as a member of wenyan-lang 文言, a programming language for the ancient Chinese. I help to build its ecosystem including the VS Code Extension and Online IDE.

Dreaming up ideas and making them come true is where my passion lies. Check out for the available projects list here.

Outside of programming, I enjoy doing photography and traveling. I post my photos occasionally on Instagram.

I have started a 100 day challenge about design, compform, interactivity and experimenting new things on 100.antfu.me. Updates on twitter.

You can find me on GitHub and Twitter. Mail me at hi@antfu.me.

If you like my works, consider buy me a coffee on Github Sponsor, Ko-Fi or PayPal to support me keeping them sustainable.