Random notes

  • Nov 6

    Start doing a 100-days challenage today. About me doing design, generative arts, interactive interfaces, and learn new technolygies. Will publish the site a few days later.

  • Oct 21

    Picking photos is like manipulating the memory you have in the future.

  • Oct 15

    A few post drafts that I would like to finish. I just can't resist myself writing new code and doing yak shaving.

    Anyway, happy to see that I have built several tools that I enjoy using. While boosting my efficiency of... building more tools :p

  • Oct 6


  • Oct 4

    nothing to complain about the environment, you are not even put your full effort to try.

  • Oct 3

    Inspired by Muan's blog, from now on, I will start posting my random notes here.

  • Oct 3

    Just setup the Netlify CMS following this tutorial. Looking nice.