New House

Jun 12, 2020 · 2min

I always feel that I need a blog but I never have one.

So I took some time to rewrite my homepage and adding the blog section. and Hi, here I am :)

This time I gave a try on Gridsome and it works petty well. I do love the <static-query> custom block that works even in components. The progressive image also solves my years of pain in making a photography portfolio (and I have never finished one).

While I was browsing Gridsome’s starter templates, I found a great website Forestry.io. It’s a Git-backed CMS that I can write and manage my blog posts in a nice GUI website and then commit back to GitHub. This is the feature that I wish to have for a long time, did not expect to see such a well built and nicely designed service out there.

As for the blog, I am likely to do some bilingual stuff in the future. Some posts will be written in English, some might be in Chinese. A switch button will be shown then. Also planned to post my photos in this site, which I would need to implement the gallery page for it.

The site is still WIP, if you have any thoughts or suggestions, please tell me via email or on Twitter. Thanks!


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