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I consider myself incredibly fortunate to be involved in the open-source community, creating tools and resources that others find beneficial. I enjoy a lot doing open source, working and learning together with the fantastic community. I realize that many of you, like myself, are enthusiastic about contributing to open source projects but may be unsure where to begin. That I actually also struggled with along the way.

So if you’re curious about delving into open source but feel uncertain about taking the first step, or if you’re already involved and have questions about your journey, I would be delighted to chat with you and share my experiences and insights to help you find your way.

Quick Chat

I want to keep the conversation easy, open, and accessible. You can you use the link below to book a 10min chat with me. I deeply value my time, and I’m sure you do too, so I would appreciate it if you come prepared with some initial research and questions in mind. I am looking forward have a short while meaningful chat with you!

Note that I might not always be able to respond immediately and can possibly miss some inquiries. Do check back if the booking becomes accepted, otherwise I might not have seen it yet. If I missed your inquiry, feel free to book again in another time slot.


I am fairly limited in terms of the time I have, but I understand that more complex questions or in-depth discussions may require a longer time frame. If needed, I’m happy to do an hour consultancy call to help.


The initiative was greatly inspired and motivated by Daniel Roe’s Open invitation.

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